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Youth Programs

B.A.B.E.S.  (Beginning Awareness Basic Education Studies) 
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The Tale of Samantha the Skunk & Why Smoking Stinks
An animated interactive presentation for young audiences that tells the story of Samantha, a magenta skunk, and her experience with smoking her first cigarette.  This story presentation as told by Samantha runs approximately 30 minutes.  Ages:  7 and 8

Teen Programs

"N-O-T" (Not on Tobacco)
A smoking cessation program for youth developed by the American Lung Association. The N-O-T program is a school-based, voluntary program designed to help students to stop smoking, increase healthy lifestyle behaviors and improve life management skills. Duration: 10 sessions of 45 minutes each. Audience: Teens.

Improve Improv!: Afterschool program
Designed for middle school students focusing on improvisation techniques, decision making, teen topics, negation skills, team building  and just fun! Duration: One hour per session. The program can be offered in a variety of setting and time frames. Audience: Middle school students.

Wrecked!: Youth360.
A teen oriented substance abuse prevention program using video, discussion and special interactive card game. Duration: One hour. Audience: Teens ages 15-19. 

Beat Addiction: Choose the Right Path. 
Interactive program using video and discussion to increase awareness of risk factors and behaviors that can lead to addiction.  Problem gambling behavior is included. Duration: 45 minutes. Audience: Youth in grades 7-12.

Parent Programs

PACT360: Parents: You Matter.
This interactive national program is designed to help parents understand, prevent and address drug and alcohol issues. The program can be tailored to include specific segments on marijuana, heroin, prescription drugs, underage alcohol and other. Duration:   Audience: Parents (caregivers, grandparents, mentors) of teens and tweens.  

Teen Influencer: What You Can Do to Help Prevent Teen Prescription Drug Abuse. 
Did you know that 1 in 5 teens has abused a prescription drug? The abuse of prescription drugs may be as close as the nearest medicine cabinet. Learn more about the problem and how your role with youth can be a positive influence.
Duration: One hour. Program length can be adapted to fit into an in-service meeting. Audience: Parents, coaches, school personnel, youth pastors and after school program staff.

Community Programs and Training

Parranda: Community Celebration
Annual community celebration of the holiday season based on the traditional Puerto Rican caroling night for families. Duration: 3 hours. Audience: Families, all ages. 

Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper QPR Training 
QPR- Question, Persuade, Refer- is a nationally recognized curriculum that can be used by adults and teens to help prevent a suicide. Duration: One hour. Audience: Adults and teens 

CONNECT Suicide Prevention Training 
Comprehensive evidence-based suicide prevention curriculum with specific modules for social services, and school personnel. Duration: 4 hours Audience: Teens and adults.

Youth Mental Health First Aid Training 
Evidence-based nationally recognized interactive curriculum  based on five core actions individuals may take when working with adolescents who may be experiencing a crisis or mental health challenge. Duration: 8 hours. Audience: Adults

Community Awareness Program Training 
In-depth training for community organizations and businesses  to create awareness of drug, alcohol, gambling and suicide prevention issues. Trainings are held at the participating facility. Duration: 6 hours over 2 sessions. Audience: Adults and teen leaders.

Congregational Assistance Program (CAP) Training and Conference 
In-depth training for individuals in faith-based organizations to create awareness and assisting in programming in the congregation. Training are held at the participating church facility. Duration: 8 hours over 2 sessions. Audience: Adults and teen leaders.

Gambling Awareness-For All CT (G-FACT)
The G-FACT Task Force meets quarterly to disseminate information, discuss current programming and develop responses to gaps in prevention, intervention and services for persons and their families who are affected by problem gambling.  For more information or to attend our next luncheon meeting, please contact G-FACT at 475-222-6035 or email

Nothing to Sniff At: Inhalant Awareness Education
Comprehensive curriculum on inhalants abuse prevention and intervention. Train-the-trainer sessions and lessons plans for teachers are also available. Duration: 3 hours, can be adapted to suit the audience and timeframe available. Audience: Adults

Fighting Fraud Against the Elderly.
An education program for developed by AARP focusing on educating the community on the dangers of telemarketing and mail fraud against the elderly and the connection to potential problem gambling. Duration: One hour. Audience: Seniors and caregivers.

With prior agreement, all trainings can be presented at the participantís location
and tailored (when applicable) to the audience.

For more information or to book a program,
please contact us at 475-222-6035 or email