The following websites will have additional information about inhalants: National Inhalant Prevention Coalition Alliance for Consumer Education Parents: The Anti Drug New England Inhalant Coalition Connecticut Clearinghouse
http://poisoncontrol.uchc.ed Connecticut Poison Control NIDA: National Institute on Drug Abuse


The Connecticut Inhalant Task Force has quantities of a variety of recommended materials that you can utilize.  These materials all present the “New Inhalant Prevention Message” and are designed for specific groups of individuals, such as parents & caregivers, prevention professionals, youth mentors, etc.  Please so that we can get these materials to you. 

Feel free to print the following materials:

There are also two presentations entitled “Inhalants: The New Prevention Message” that the CITF can offer your group or organization. To learn more about these presentations go to the ‘How We Can Help You section of this website.  

Wed. May 13, 2015 “Inhalants: Nothing to Sniff At”