About the CITF

The Connecticut Inhalant Task Force (CITF) is comprised of concerned individuals and organizations who are working together to eliminate inhalant abuse in Connecticut.

Established in September 2004, the Connecticut Inhalant Task Force has already developed many programs and resources that can assist parents, grandparents, care-givers, educators, health professionals, purchasing agents, civic leaders, youth-serving professionals … and you …  in preventing and eliminating inhalant abuse.   

The Connecticut Inhalant Prevention Task Force membership is open to all individuals and organizations concerned about preventing and eliminating inhalant abuse... 

Working to eliminate inhalant abuse in Connecticut. 

The goals of the Task Force are:

  • To expand Connecticut’s capacity to present a consistent message about inhalants by

         > increasing statewide awareness of inhalant abuse through education and communication, and

         > researching, recommending and implementing effective, statewide inhalant abuse prevention and treatment strategies.

  • To guide implementation of local efforts on inhalant abuse prevention

Meetings of the Task Force are held
monthly at 5 Brookside Drive, Wallingford, CT.  Please contact us to learn of the next meeting date.  We look forward to your participation.

Since its establishment in September 2004, members of the Connecticut Inhalant Task Force have:

· Adopted a workshop presentation entitled “Inhalants: The New Prevention Message”; designed for presentation to youth-serving professionals, educators and health professionals.

· Participated in the 2005 statewide training of Connecticut’s D.A.R.E. officers.

· Developed a customized workshop and display for presentation to parents, care-givers and civic organizations.

· Distributed 400 Inhalant Prevention Kits throughout Connecticut. 

· Developed CT specific web-based parent training in collaboration with the new England Inhalant Abuse Prevention Coalition, www.inhalantabusetraining.org

· Worked with state legislators and state agencies regarding legislative and/or regulatory remedies that can enhance inhalant prevention.

· Participated in regional trainings and conferences on inhalants.

· Presented CT Inhalant Task Force data and coalition methods to SAMHSA in Washington, DC

· Conduct annual activities as part of the national Inhalants & Poison Prevention Week.

· Produced and distributed a variety of presentation materials to Task Force members.

· Developed a Welcome Packet” which will be available for all new members when they join the Task Force.

· Trained more than 1,000 parents and service providers on the prevention of inhalant use...

Name  &
Christelle Aube,
Meriden & Wallingford Substance Abuse Council
Krystal Blake,
Rushford Center
Callahan, The Connection
Barry Cerretto,
Consumer Protection, Drug Control Division
Betsey Chadwick,
Middlesex County SAAC
Carolyn DesRochers,
CT Office of the Child Advocate
Lorri Driscoll,
Valley SAAC
Amy Hanoian Fontana,
CT Poison Control Center
Mirelle Freedman,
Ingrid Gillespie,
Lower Fairfield County Regional Action Council
Janet L. Hayes,
Substance Abuse Action Council of Central CT, Inc.
Catherine Levasseur,
Governor’s Prevention Partnership
Pam Mautte,
Valley SAAC
Marlene F. McGann,
Meriden & Wallingford Substance Abuse Council
Ashley Murphy,
Sharee Rusnak,
CT Dept. of Health
Deon Sumeersarnauth,
Governor’s Prevention Partnership
Sheryl Sprague,
Rushford Center
Judith Stonger,
CT Clearinghouse
Beth Vumbaco,
Meriden Dept. of Health & Human Services